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Title: Firewhiskey
Author: Dee (deirdre.riordan @
Pairing: RL/SB
Rating: Hard R
Disclaimer: *sigh* Of course they're JKR's, not mine.
Summary: Set just after the Marauders' 7th year. Sirius has a drinking problem. Remus has other problems.
Notes: Written for tamony_lenore on lj, who requested Sirius/Remus and alcohol. She also requested chocolate, which is in the sequel to this.



The fire call came at two in the morning. "Moony. 'm comin' over."

Yes, Sirius was drunk. Again.

It wasn't that Remus minded that he always seemed to show up when he'd been drinking. What bothered him was...well, never mind what bothered him. It seemed that the moment school had ended, Sirius had been on a drinking binge every night. Remus worried a little, but nonetheless welcomed his friend when he tumbled through the fireplace into Remus's Hogsmeade flat.

"Allo!" Sirius exclaimed in an exaggerated tone, bottle of Firewhiskey still in hand.

Remus smiled. "Hello, Padfoot," he said mildy. "All right?"

"Foockin' brill!" Sirius said, staggering toward the werewolf. Why he always sounded like a football hooligan when he'd been drinking was something that escaped Remus. He fell onto the sofa next to Remus, Firewhiskey sloshing out of the bottle. "Moony, yer so great, y'know tha'?"

Remus smiled softly and nodded. He wasn't sure he could do this tonight.

"No, really, you are," Sirius slurred, taking a swallow of the whiskey. He buried his face in Remus's shoulder. "Ooer, 'm so pissed," he groaned.

Here we go, Remus thought, putting a tentative arm around his friend's shoulders.

"Mmm, you smell so good," Sirius murmured, his lips grazing the side of Remus's neck. He threw his arms around him, and Remus could feel a stream of Ogden's Best trickling down his back. He ignored it and pulled Sirius closer, hating himself. Sirius kissed his neck lightly, working his way up to nuzzle the spot just below Remus's ear.

"Sirius," he hissed, shivering. It was always now that he stopped listening to his conscience.

"Want" Sirius whispered, nipping at the sensitive skin below Remus's jawline between words.

"Don't stop," Remus said, his voice ragged.

Sirius pushed him back against the arm of the sofa and climbed on top of him, sucking and biting unabashedly at his neck now. Remus moaned and ground his aching erection against Sirius's thigh. The whiskey bottle crashed to the floor and Sirius pushed Remus's shirt up to tongue the two pink nipples. "'s okay since we're not kissing, righ'?" Sirius mumbled into his chest.

"It's okay if we do," Remus said, knowing that the affirmation would do him no good. This was always how it went.

"Huh-uh," Sirius said, shoving his hand into Remus's pyjama bottoms. Remus cried out and bucked his hips. Sirius laughed. "Like that, huh?" he slurred.

Remus whimpered and fumbled with the zip on Sirius's jeans. He finally succeeded and tugged them down to find that Sirius wore nothing underneath. Sirius moaned at the warm hand on his cock. "Just kiss me once," Remus said, feeling tears in his eyes.

Sirius shook his head. "I'll kiss you this way," he muttered, shifting to take Remus's cock into his mouth.

Remus moaned and gave up.

This was always where he gave up. He lay there, fucking his best friend's mouth, loving and hating every second of it. He felt Sirius climax against his leg, and he came too, tears streaming down his cheeks because his heart was bursting with love for this man, but he knew this was as much as he could ever have. Tomorrow there would be awkward apologies and assurances that such a thing would never happen again. And that was what really bothered him.


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Sequel: Better than Chocolate


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