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It Tolls For Thee.
Amid war and death, Harry and Severus find each other.
Written as a birthday gift to Ptyx.
June 2004. 
Suffocate Me.
Harry returns to Hogwarts, but his reasons aren't what he thought. 
Written in 42 minutes for the "Air" challenge on Contrelamontre at LJ. 

 Fire Call.
Pre-slash, could be read as gen. Harry's stuck in Grimmauld Place. A little conversation can go a long way.
Written in 49 minutes for the "Fire" challenge on Contrelamontre. 

Coming Around.
Harry's been gone for four years after a bit of a misunderstanding. Draco wants him back.
Sequel to "La Découverte ou l'Ignorance," but was written first and can stand on its own.
My first real decent piece of Potterslash.

Operation: Parkinson.
Soft R. 
A bit of silliness that popped into my head one day. Acting on the assumption that Draco and Pansy are sleeping together, Harry concocts a plan to get Draco in the sack. But he discovers that Draco and Pansy don't have a norrmal relationship...

Somebody's Darling.
AU. Gryffindors and Slytherins... or Yankees and Rebels in this case. Set during the American Civil War, Harry and Draco find each other across the lines of a conflict.
Warnings: Character death, historical inaccuracy. See story header for details.


Wanna Touch. 
Written for the Canis Major Sirius Black Fuh-Q-Fest.
Challenge: 110. Post Voldie: Harry lives with Sirius. Harry has a secret hobby: cross-dressing. How does Sirius react when he comes upon his godson wearing a very racy number? (Camilla Bloom)
WARNING: This story is rated NC-17 and is not to be read by minors. If you are over the age of 18, you may read the story here. Otherwise, go read something you're allowed to read. There's a lot of it.
Warning II: This story also contains improper (read: American) use of the word 'pants.' I'm sorry.

Dreams Not Dreams.
PG-13/Soft R 
Written for the Cross-Gen Ficathon on Crossgenathon at LJ.
Challenge by starrysummer: Sirius returns from the veil, with or without Hermione's help.
The only het I have ever written in my entire life.  And I even like it.

Hallways and Forgotten Spaces.
Response to some long-ago challenge, wherein Harry's wife dies and Snape helps him deal with it. Chapter 1 co-written with Stella Revolution, but the rest will be just me for the forseeable future.  
Completed: [1] 
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Silence Raging.
Harry and Snape are working together for the Order during the war. Things will eventually get slashy, but first they've got important communications to decode.

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La Découverte ou l'Ignorance.
Pre-slash. Prequel to "Coming Around," though it's not strictly necessary that you read either to understand the other. After the war, Harry and Draco settle their differences and become friends. Draco has a little crush.
Completed [6]

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Part I: War and Aftermath
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Part II: Fall and Falling

Now: It's four years after Hogwarts, and Harry has been in Paris. He's called back to London to help in the fight against Voldemort, and Draco comes to meet him, opening up some old wounds and making some new revelations.
Then: Flashback. It's Harry and Draco's Seventh Year. Dumbledore's put them in all-night detention to work out their differences-- under Veritaserum. They make some discoveries.
Completed [2]

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These are some bits and pieces I never got very far on. Here they are, for your viewing pleasure, in no particular order and with very little explanation.

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The crypt contains stories I have more or less abandoned, either because I lost my muse, I outgrew them, or they were just plain bad to begin with.
For your convenience, a classification system:
[image] lost muse
[image] outgrew
[image] bad to begin with
[image] so bad it's funny
[image] mary sue